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The Strongest Power by Leviticus

Band Members: (The Strongest Power)
Bjorn Stigsson Guitars, Vocals, Synth, Organ
Håkan Andersson Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar, Moog-Taurus Bass Pedal
Kjell Andersson Drums, Percussion, Vocals

The cover shown here is one of two originally used on this release. The other is included as the art on the M8 Distribution/Magdalene Records re-issue. The two people here are apparently Deborah and Barak, as in the second song.


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Mar 11, 2014 09:42:39 PM
'On the Rock' is quite catchy. 'King of Kings' is quite praise worthy. 'Stay With Us' is quite patriotic. 'I Got Power' is quite ...well POWERFUL. 'Look Around' has the STRONGEST message. 'I Love You' contains the only jamming & guitar solo. 'A New Day' and 'Light of the Day' are some more rocked up catchy praise songs.
#1The Winner4:03
#2Deborah and Barak3:27
#3On the Rock2:57
#4King of Kings5:17
#5Stay with Us3:53
#6I Got Power4:00
#7Look Around4:26
#8I Love You3:16
#9 A New Day4:12
#10Light for the World5:08
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