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Murder By Pride by Stryper

Here is a quote from Michael Sweet:
"Sometimes we are murdered by our pride, and our own pride overtakes everything else in our life and we are blinded to that,"..."So many times our pride overtakes what we are supposed to do as believers."

Sweet invited Boston's Scholz to play on Stryper's Murder by Pride album, which features a new version of Boston's "Peace of Mind." Sweet expects the song to be the first single released to radio stations nationwide.


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#1Eclipse of the Son4:04
#24 Leaf Clover3:42
#3Peace of Mind3:58
#5The Plan3:10
#6Murder By Pride3:18
#7I Believe3:43
#8Run In You4:15
#9Love Is Why4:07
#10Mercy Over Blame4:07
#11Everything 4:26
#12My Love3:14
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