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Those Were the Days by Jerusalem

English version of "Volym Tre" released in 1997 on Alliance Music, UK and Europe and Jerusalem Music, Sacramento CA in US.

Ulf Christiansson: vocals, guitar
Anders Mossberg: bass
Klas Anderell: drums
Dan Tibell: keyboards

All songs by Ulf Christiansson, exept for "I'm still alive" ("Döden besegrad"), lyrics by Ulf Christiansson and music by Ulf Christiansson and Dan Tibell. Songs written between 1974-1983.

Album credits:
Recorded at: Jerusalem Studio, Gothenburg, Sweden
Produced by: Ulf Christiansson
Arranged by: Anders Mossberg, Ulf Christiansson, Klas Anderhell and Dan Tibell
Engineered by: Göran Buller and Magne Svensen

Additional information:
During the time between 1975-1983, many songs were written but never made it on the records. Not because the songs were not as good but more for the reason of space (only 22 minutes on each side and Ulf wrote many songs over 6-7 minutes). Years later, Ulf was reminded by a friend that there were many good songs that Jerusalem use to play "live" and why weren’t those songs on any records? So the idea came to record those songs now using the same band members of that time. So Ulf called Dan, Klas and Anders and asked if they wanted to come together for two records (there were about 40 songs all together). Everyone was excited about this. Listen to "Those were the Days" and "The Truth Has to Come", still very great songs


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#1Those were the days
#2Must come first
#3Youre a liar
#4Travelling through the ages
#5Whos got the guts
#6Smile, smile, smile
#7Wherever you are
#8The truth has to come
#10Our love was dead
#11Im still alive
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