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Dancing On The Head Of The Serpent (US) by Jerusalem

US version released in 1988 on Refuge Records (Allentown, PA). Dancing on the Head of the Serpent is the fifth studio album, and the sixth album overall. Unlike their first four studio albums, it was recorded only in English. This is the released, re-recorded and remixed version with slightly different artwork. This was the first Jerusalem album to be released on CD.

The general lyrical theme of the album is "war against Satan", but songs such as "Still" focus on forgiveness and restoration

Ulf Christiansson: vocals, guitar
Michael Ulfsgard: drums, back vocals
Peter Carlsohn: bass, back vocals
Reidar I Paulsen: keyboards, back vocals

The cover on this version is a bit different then the Swedish one, and the production is slightly heavier. Some of the tracks have even been re-recorded, ending up with different intros, solos etc.


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Mar 14, 2014 12:56:18 PM
#1Dancing on the Head of the Serpent3:58
#2Plunder Hell and Populate Heaven3:56
#3Rebels of Jesus Christ3:49
#4Listen to Me4:30
#5Woe, Woe...the Great Fall3:19
#6We're Gonna Take Europe3:33
#7Come Higher3:56
#8Catch the Devil, Catch the Thief4:30
#9The Night When Revelation Came into My Life4:45
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