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4-ALL: The Best of LN by Liberty n' Justice

Versailles Records is excited to announce the forthcoming release of Liberty N' Justice's greatest hits LP, due in March 2008.

Entitled 4-ALL: The Best of LNJ, this compilation boasts a "who's who" guest-star list of hard rock and heavy metal legends.

The album will include songs from Welcome to the Revolution (2004), Soundtrack Of A Soul (2006), and Independence Day (2007).

PLUS the album features FOUR NEW songs featuring:

Doug Pinnick (of Kings X)
Steve Brown (of Trixter/ Stereo Fallout)
Derrick LeFevre (of Lillian Axe)
Larry Worley (of FearNot)
Russell Arcara (of Surgin/ Prophet)


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#1We Have A God" (Derrick LeFevre of Lillian Axe & Larry Worlye of Fear Not) (3:12)
#2Rage" (Dug Pinnick of King's X) (4:05)
#3Devil In The Details" (Steve Brown of Trixter) (4:38)
#4Author Of The Flame" (Dale & Troy Thompson of Bride) (4:40)
#5Blind Man's Bluff" (Michael Sweet of Stryper) (3:52)
#6Noise" (Jamie Rowe of Guardian) (3:53)
#7Shed My Skin" (Lou Gramm of Foreigner) (3:45)
#8Another Nail" (Sebastian Bach) (4:22)
#9Sight Unseen" (Leif Garret) (4:44)
#10Flinch" (Tony Harnell ex-TNT) (3:38)
#11Thy Will Be Done" (Mark Slaughter of Slaughter & Pete Loran of Trixter) (4:25)
#12Killer Grin" (Stephen Pearcey of Ratt) (3:38)
#13Doubting Thoma"s (John Corabi ex-Motley Crue/Ratt/Union) (5:03)
#14Monkey Dance" (Jack Russell of Great White) (3:31)
#15Soldier" (Kelly Keagey of Night Ranger & Mark Slaughter of Slaughter/V.V.I.) (4:16)
#16Independence Day" (Kelly Keeling of Baton Rouge/TSO) (4:15)
#17Praying For A Miracle" (Ted Poley of Danger Danger) (3:14)
#18Addiction" (Jani Lane of Warrant) (3:23)
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