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BE AFRAID by Grave Robber

ExAlternative release: EXR 002

Produced by Tim Bushong
Recorded at T.T. Bush Studios


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Aug 6, 2014 09:25:00 PM
Here lies my second return to the Grave. After listening to 'Sanctum' first, I've concluded that much of their scary essence is in their live show. Check the YouTube videos.

Here lies very good music and cool voice like 'Inner Sanctum'. Yet I was more spiritually blessed by the Sanctum release as it was more coherent. Horror movie sound bytes heard at the beginning of most songs.

I can imagine this band being used to perform a soundtrack to a Rocky Horror Picture Show type movie.

Imagine seeing them tour with Alice Cooper, WoW!!!
#1The Exorcist2:08
#3Burn, Witch Burn2:43
#5Rigor Mortis3:54
#6Buried Alive2:15
#7Screams of the Voiceless2:53
#11Dark Angel1:48
#12I Wanna Kill You Over and Over Again2:36
#13I, Zombie2:43
#14Army of the Dead4:11
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