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Flap Your Wings by The Choir

"Flap Your Wings is a rebirth of sorts for The Choir. In addition to its lyrical themes of renewal and restoration, the album is rife with fresh ideas and approaches to the record-making process, full of creative arrangements and sonic ideas that Derald says were more collaborative than ever. The band's eleventh release showcases 10 new songs of faith, love, life and hope, coupled with the group's relentlessly creative approach to its musical identity. Hindalong says this new album was an attempt to communicate something special to their long-term fans. " -Diamante


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#1Flap Your Wings
#2Shiny Floor
#3Mercy Lives Here
#5Flowing Over Me
#6Cherry Bomb
#7I Don't Mean Any Harm
#8A Moment In Time
#9Beautiful Scandalous Night
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