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Festering Carcass covered with Rot by Vomitous Discharge

1st real VxDx release... pro printed CD-R with pro full-color booklet in slimcase, 14 tracks in 25 minutes

"Divine Excretion..." features Julian from Splattered Nachos on guest vox

limited edition of only 200 copies!!!

released in July 2007, VBP 001


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#1SlashingTemptations to a Mass of slithering Offal
#2Abolishment of disgusting homosexual Sodomy
#3Sickening Bowel Regurgitation of the Hellspawn
#4Purulent Faeces in your Brain
#5Seductions beheaded with a Hacksaw
#6Severe Head Trauma of Satan
#7Divine Excretion of malignant proliferating Tumour in your Soul
#8Spewing a Load of festering Bile
#9Blasphemer decomposing in the Bowels of Hell and eternally waiting for Defecation
#10Rapist gets what he deserves
#11Putrefaction of sinful Pleasures
#12Coprophiliac Dreams flushed down the Toilet
#13The vomitous Discharge pt. I
#14VomitGore ChristCore II
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