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The Battlefields by Gorilla Warfare

Wounded release: WR018
UPC: 620673306720


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Our War ()

What is the meaning behind the name
you draw your own conclusions, who's to blame?
this is the life we live, our struggle to stay alive
and if we keep fighting, we'll overcome and thrive

Warfare,fought on our streets
Warfare, making ends meet
Warfare, to live a new day
Warfare, for a better way

This war won't end until we die
we've figured out the ways to survive
the truth is there, just you open your mind
and realize there's one more chance,
to settle the score!

Copyright 2007 Gorilla Warfare

#2Another Day
#4The Great Depression
#5Working Class
#6Pack Of Wolves
#7No Way Out
#8Our War
#9The Truth
#10Two Faces
#11Line Of Respect
#12When The Good Times Are Over (Bonus Track)
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