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The Battlefields by Gorilla Warfare

Wounded release: WR018
UPC: 620673306720


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Pack Of Wolves ()

temptation rears its ugly head once again
in a world that moves so fast, times change
we get lost living day to day, and lose touch
with what we've worked so hard to defend
like a pack of wolves
this world descends to destroy
try to take everything we've worked for
try to kill our souls
we've made it this far together and
we share no regrets, look at
the family that we've built, the beliefs we share the foundation is set in stone, the truth

Copyright 2007 Gorilla Warfare

#2Another Day
#4The Great Depression
#5Working Class
#6Pack Of Wolves
#7No Way Out
#8Our War
#9The Truth
#10Two Faces
#11Line Of Respect
#12When The Good Times Are Over (Bonus Track)
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