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Free Flying Soul by The Choir

The 1996 Dove Award Winner for Best Modern Rock record of the year. Songs include: The Ocean, Salamander, Sled Dog and Away With The Swine

� The Choir


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Slow Spin (1:48)

I wanna glide over you on a carnival ride
without that nauseous cotton candy feelin'.
I need a slow spin.
I wanna go Ferris wheelin'

(the rest is not listed in the lyric sheet)
Every once in a while
I'll be playing on my swing
There'll be hardly any motion
So I just drag my shoes
When I stand up for a tiniest instant,
everything goes black

Lately, whenever I go to lift my anvil case _____
I always have to set my ____ down
Catch my breath, _____
One, two, three

Copyright 1996 The Choir

#2Polar Boy4:34
#3Sled Dog3:01
#4Away With the Swine3:01
#5The Ocean4:16
#6If You're Listening5:40
#7The Chicken6:29
#8Slow Spin1:48
#10Yellow-Haired Monkeys1:29
#12The Warbler4:06
has lyrics

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