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Free Flying Soul by The Choir

The 1996 Dove Award Winner for Best Modern Rock record of the year. Songs include: The Ocean, Salamander, Sled Dog and Away With The Swine

� The Choir


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Polar Boy (4:34)

He's got his purple nose pressed against your icy window
Perhaps you will allow polar boy in so he can warm himself by your fire
Polar boy is looking for fire
You surely should avoid any risky innuendo
He'd like to thaw his frozen frame against your skin
You know he's flaming with desire
Polar boy is playing with fire
Polar boy is playing with fire

Polar boy, polar boy

He does deserve to swing
He surely should be swinging from a noose
Now he's speeding through the school zone liquored up and loose
Likely to flip and burn in a fire
Polar boy is swallowing fire

Polar boy...

Copyright 1996 The Choir

#2Polar Boy4:34
#3Sled Dog3:01
#4Away With the Swine3:01
#5The Ocean4:16
#6If You're Listening5:40
#7The Chicken6:29
#8Slow Spin1:48
#10Yellow-Haired Monkeys1:29
#12The Warbler4:06
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