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Facedown Sampler Fall 07 by VARIOUS

Compilation of tracks from current Facedown releases, as well as 2 from Kingston Falls that are pre-production tracks for their 2008 Facedown debut. These tracks are unavailable elsewhere.


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#1While the Sparrow Sleeps - A Plea For Purging
#2Everything and Nothing - A Plea For Purging
#3Angel of Lost Hope - Inked In Blood
#4Call To Arms - Inked In Blood
#5Burn It Down - Remove the Veil
#6How To Jump a Ravine - Remove the Veil
#7The Great Divide - Kingston Falls
#8The Illusionist Dream - Kingston Falls
#9Nailed. Dead. Risen. - Impending Doom
#10Stand Your Ground - War of Ages
#11Frozen Inside - Immortal Souls
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