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Spring '05 Sampler CD by VARIOUS

Sampler of Facedown & Strike First bands, comprising current releases.


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#1Shall We Dance - Bloodlined Calligraphy
#2Not Another Teen Love Song - Bloodlined Calligraphy
#3Brood of Vipers - Seventh Star
#4Resistance To Resistance - Seventh Star
#5For Now We See In A Mirror, Dimly, But Then Face To Face - Symphony In Peril
#6Seduction By Design - Symphony In Peril
#7The Hour Of Decision - Alove For Enemies
#8The Harvest - Alove For Enemies
#9There's Nothing Relative About Family - Bloody Sunday
#10Total Immersion - Bloody Sunday
#11Fallen Away - Brutal Fight
#12Decision - Opposition Of One
#13Where the Enemy Sleeps - Inked In Blood
#14New Breath - Clear Convictions
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