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Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance (Metal Blade) by Tourniquet

Metal Blade release: 3984-14015-2
UPC: 039841401523

Produced by Bill Metoyer, except "The Tempter", produced by Terry Taylor.

Metal Blade's re-issue of the 1992 album with Tourniquet's live-in-the-studio cover of Trouble's classic song "The Tempter", culled from the 1993 "Intense Presents Live Volume 2" album. The sleeve is largely unchanged, except for the inclusion of an "Official Metal Blade Merchandise" page with perforation so you can send in the order form, and instead of listing both of Tourniquet's prior albums as available through Intense Records, it lists "Psycho Surgery" as available through Metal Blade (which was released as a long-box).


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