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Psychosurgery (Reissue) by Tourniquet

Re-issue of the band's 1991 album of the same name with bonus tracks & re-mastering.

From the band's website:
REMASTERED - using 24 bit technology with IDR (increased digital resolution). The songs are LOUDER and more "up front"!!!

time: 41:03
total tracks: 9
layout: 4 page color / b & w
liner notes: n

time: 63:43
total tracks: 14
layout: 12 page ALL color
liner notes: yes


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Stereotaxic Atrocities (4:23)

Brilliant scientific enterprise
The altruistic benefit of humanity justifies
A white lab coat represents the icon
Eradicate disease, the pedestal it stood on
lies shattered on the floor

Just another day, the dead half a million lay
Your taxes will foot the bill, supply animals to kill
Stinging infusion of chemical
The moribund patient clings to the wall
Another scapegoat to suffer for our sickening vices
You cut their neck, they cut your check
Endless barrage of repetition, satisfies your need
Of colleague competition

Pseudo scientist watches in fascination
As electrode-ridden monkey #32
Has his dignity completely destroyed
We need another $200,000 to find a scientific reason why
cats land on their feet
Feline fuel for the incinerator

Even though this test will not help the human mess
Continue it anyway, the car payment's due today

Copyright 2001 Tourniquet

#2A Dog's Breakfast4:28
#3Viento Borrascoso (Devastating Wind)3:06
#4Vitals Fading2:46
#6Dysfunctional Domicile5:03
#7Broken Chromosomes5:21
#8Stereotaxic Atrocities4:23
#9Officium Defunctorum6:26
#10A Dog's Breakfast - LIVE 20005:34
#11Broken Chromosomes - LIVE 20006:56
#12Stereotaxic Atrocities - DEMO 19914:27
#13A Dog's Breakfast - DEMO 19914:38
#14CONCERT INTRO (2000)0:59
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