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The North Pole Project by Number One Gun

In 2005 Number One Gun made their Tooth & Nail debut with "Promises For the Imperfect." Which brought them national acclaim for their generous pop hooks and driving melodies. After some needed rest, singer and songwriter for the band Jeff Schneeweis takes the engineering helm on the follow up entitled "The North Pole Project." Number One Gun has grown and improved on the rock formula that brought them to the public eye, as well as pushing the limits of what defined them as a band. Featuring the singles "Wake Me Up," "This Holiday," and "Million." Number One Gun is a band that never disappoints and takes songwriting as a priority for their band.


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#1The Massacre
#3The Best Of You and Me
#4Wake Me Up
#5Bad Habits
#6I'll Find You
#7Thank You Ending
#8Find Your Escape
#9The Different Ones
#10This Holiday
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