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Seltzer by VARIOUS

Forefront release: FFD5156 (G2 7243 8 25156 2 3)
UPC: 724382515623
SPCN: 7-474-02295-8

Compilation of mostly Forefront bands, though a couple Tooth & Nail bands made the cut. The subtitle of the album is "Modern rock to settle your soul"


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#1God Is Not a Secret - Newsboys
#2Liquid - Jars of Clay
#3Where Were All Of You - Poor Old Lu
#4B.C. - Plankeye
#5I'm Not the King - Audio Adrenaline
#6Forever - Third Day
#7Jesus Freak - DC Talk
#8Garden - PFR
#9Body Be - Johnny Q. Public
#10Teenage Politics - MxPx
#11Believe - Grammatrain
#12My World - Holy Soldier
#13Who Can Be Against Me - Supertones
#14The Ocean - The Choir
#15The Best Thing - Big Tent Revival
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