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Mosh to Relax To by Prophets on Vacation


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Aug 17, 2014 08:42:20 PM
Oldschoolthrash, now there's a cool sounding screen name ;)

This is a rarity from back in the day. Sadly this was only available on low-fi cassette if I remember correctly. Even sadder, over time my copy has degraded. And the saddest fact is that most will never hear it so I will be descriptive:

Total of 25 minutes even with the extra tracks: Babylon, God Rules (Mosh Style), Mosh Stop, The Bible, Band Intro, and Generic Mosh.

"God Rules" are in the lyrics and are boldly sung much as they were in 1983 by Undercover, 1991 by Mortification (The Majestic infiltration of Order), and 1992 by Zadox among others.

Love the heavy riffing of 'Mosh Stop'
Track 4 is based on Isaiah 53:5
Track 7 MOSH=Mosh On Satan's Head
The Bible is a thrash version of the song "The B-I-B-L-E, yes that's the book for me".
Track 8 is downright funny

Some elements of speed and punk among the thrash. Mostly coherent Christian lyrics. Oh, and I love the biblical character names for the band:
Obadiah - Bass
Moses - Vocals
Enoch - Guitar
Fred - Drums
#3Crashin' Down
#4The Heavy Metal Song
#6Land of the Free and the Grave
#7Mosh on Satan's Head
#8I Love My Girlfriend
has lyrics

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