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The Winter Of Our Discontent by The Echoing Green

A Different Drum release ADDCD1147

J. Scott G. (Deepsky): Logic/mix tweaks. Brian Hazard (Color Theory): mastering.
Trey Many (Velour100): songwriting on trk 5. Jim Kerr/Charlie Burchill/Mike McNeil/Derek Forbes (Simple Minds): songwriting on trk 10.

European release through Infacted Recordings (fact 3025-2, 22 Nov 2004) adds 2 bonus tracks:
12 The Story Of Our Lives (Syrian Remix) (5:06)
13 The Story Of Our Lives (Echo Image Remix) (5:09)

Special Edition through BEC Recordings (BED63570, 724386357007, 14 Dec 2004) adds Seaside (3:02) "between Bittersweet" and "Starling", omits "Heidi's Song" and "New Gold Dream", moves "Winter" to track 122, and inserts:
10 "Epiphany" (4:09)
11 "The Sparrows & The Nightingales" (3:53)
13 "The Story Of Our Lives" (Echo Image Remix) (5:11)


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#2The Story Of Our Lives5:30
#3Fall Awake5:56
#9Heidi's Song3:54
#10New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84)4:37
has lyrics

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