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Live And Kicking (DVD) by Larry Norman

This is the only DVD of its kind that Larry has ever done. It follows him on tour as he travels across hundreds of miles with Brander MacDonald and captures some of his very best performances in years. There are surprises, like when he meets a black dog along the way and takes us to some interesting looking places. Backstage, Brander gives him an art lesson and Larry gives an interview, on film, to a reporter. This is a very polished film, shot by the film crew which followed him and edited very capably. There has never been a better film of Larry, the entertainer, thinker and friend to strangers. And it's unlikely that there ever will be. It is now available, for the first time, on DVD


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#2Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music
#3Weight Of The World
#4Let The Rain Fall Down
#5I Wish We'd All Been Ready
#6Moses In The Wilderness
#7I Hope I'll See You In Heaven
#8Why Don't You Look Into Jesus
#10One Way
#11Twelve Good Men
#12I Am A Servant
#13Goodbye Farewell
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