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Live At The Smith (Solo Set) by Larry Norman

Larry appeared at the great Smith Auditorium at Willamette University and put on a show that lasted for almost three hours.

His solo set alone is on this DVD. You've never seen Larry like this. This is a totally unusual concert performance. It was riveting in the unanticipated way it flowed out. Larry wore what looked like farmer's clothes but he appeared to be more like a homeless person. His mailman, Jerry, had introduced him by trying to deliver a letter to him - in 1971. The concert had a surreal quality to it. And as the evening went on, it became more like a journey back in time, through the Twilight Zone. Back to 1966.

The concert Larry gives on this DVD was very shocking to the audience, and especially to the long-time fans.

His talking was the most hypnotic thing, in between the songs, as he shape-shifted back to the Larry of the post-hippie spiritual revolution that was coming. He was out on the streets, talking. Giving people a piece of his mind and a look into the future while he took them into the past.


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