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Headspace by Nyte, Ashton

From Ashton's website:
"Written as my own therapy at something of a cross-roads. Supported by a wonderful band of old and new friends we call The Accused. An electric cross-section of music presented in a rather minimalist, very live environment. Probably the fully realized idea originally behind "Dirt Sense", blended with a range of other elements. The album has an immediacy and an intimacy very dear to me. "Murder Me", "Like Jimmy Dean", and "Headspace" are probably my personal favourites while "My Little Rock 'n Roll" has to be one of the most ridiculously enjoyable songs to perform live, destroy the stage and then dive into a drum kit, guitar in hand. It's only rock and roll but I like it."


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#2My Little Rock 'n Roll
#3Murder Me
#4Free City
#5Like Jimmy Dead
#6Play the Part
#7Violent Complex
#9Sweet Nothing
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