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To Kill Evil by Stone Vengeance

Stone Vengeance Music


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Jun 20, 2014 09:51:12 PM
Cool intro followed by speed metal into the title track K-I-L-L E-V-I-L. You bet! It's all about the cosmic conflict between good and evil. The devil gets stomped in this album. All set to foot-stompin', head-bangin' music. Track 6 shows they can do acoustic well too. On this full length version, the last few songs do not go along with the anti-satan theme. Track 11 gets a PG-13 rating for the 'N' word. Track 13 is a Hendrix cover.
#1To Kill Evil
#2Time Is at Hand
#4The Great Controversy
#5The Persecution
#8Higher Now
#9Wrath Cometh
#10Long Live Stone Vengeance
#12Pain (extended version)
#13Foxy Lady
#14The Pill
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