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Joyful Noize by Gadget


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Mar 11, 2014 11:40:43 PM
More like industrial noize. Kicks off with 45 seconds of air raid followed by tribal drumming. Then experimental sounds and industrial metal in each song with the following:
Track 1 four minutes of angry black preacher
Track 2 a psalm followed by 17 minutes of some interesting experimental sounds
Track 3 The Lord's Prayer...industrial strength!
Track 4 a psalm
Track 5 "will anyone survive?" repeated for 7 minutes followed by a sermon clip on salvation
Track 6 a psalm with echo set to 'welcome to the machine' era Floyd like effects.
#2Psalm 23
#3Will Anyone Survive?
#5Psalm 46
#6Psalm 102
#7Knock! Knock!
#8Train to Heaven
#9Psalm 24
#10Joyful Noize
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