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Mind Control by Souljourners

UPC: 837101443098

line up:
Michael Couts – Lead Vocals & Guitars
Paul Ellingson – Keyboards
David Brockenborough – Bass
Chandler Taylor – Drums

produced by Frank Gryner and Karen Stever.


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Sep 22, 2015 05:07:05 PM
Track Listings

Permanent Scars (7:19)
Crazy Times (7:11)
Fall (6:16)
I've Waited (5:24)
Sapphire World (4:57)
Lost Vision (3:14)
Medicated Memories (8:39)
Half Life (6:19)
Mind Control (8:50)
Tangent Universe (7;27)
Predestination (1:40)
The Avenger (6:31)


Michael Couts: Lead vocals, guitars
Paul Ellingson: Keyboards
David Brockenborough: Bass
Chandler Taylor: Drums

Do you ever forget how you first discovered a certain band? Well this is one of those cases for me. I can not simply remember where I heard Souljourners music for the first time. I want to say they came recommended because I was/am also a fan of Dream Theatre and progressive music in general. All I can remember is seeking out their independent full length debut, Mind Control, via CD Baby.

I had wished I could have found more of their music from this album to share, but hopefully you'll get an idea of just how great these guys are from what I could find on YouTube. This is one of those types of albums you put on when you need some background music to accompany you for a good hour while you work or whatever. It's been awhile since I've listened to this album, but once I popped it back in my player for a road trip I had to take for work I was instantly entertained.

If you are a fan of progressive music, especially Dream Theatre then you owe it to yourself to check out these guys. Doug Van Pelt (Heaven's Metal/HM magazine) commented on Facebook that they may be better than Dream Theatre. While I don't know about that, these guys hold their own very well. They have a newer album available on iTunes and in the Google Play store, but unfortunately it's digital only. Sorry, I'm still one of those guys that prefers my media to be physical. At least I have the Mind Control CD to keep me company when I need some nice, long, uninterrupted music to listen to.
#1Permanent Scars7:18
#2Crazy Times7:11
#4I've Waited5:23
#5Sapphire World4:57
#6Lost Vision3:14
#7Medicated Memories8:38
#8Half Life6:19
#9Mind Control8:50
#10Tangent Universe7:26
#12The Avenger6:31
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