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Victims of Tradition by Agape

Agape's second album is a very different but equally good work. More complex in the song structure than Gospel Hard Rock More of a progressive feel with keyboards playing a bigger role, delving into jazz fusion on several songs. 'Wouldn't It Be A Drag' is my favorite here: a lengthy 7-minute outing including a 2-minute drum solo, as well as bass, guitar, and electric piano solos before culminating in cacophonous bursts of noise. 'The King Is Christ' is a beautiful predominantly acoustic piece - almost sounds like the guitar solo was recorded backwards. As with Gospel Hard Rock this is lyrically very evangelistic. Not just God-loves-you slogans - these guys present the gospel. Much rarer than their debut and thus selling for mucho dinero these days. Classic cover photo of the band playing their instruments in a graveyard. Not many lps around that sound this unique, creative, and on fire. Classic rock indeed.


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Aug 2, 2014 09:06:21 PM
I'm still blown away by the album cover considering the year.

Easy music (by today's standards) with a timeless Christian message.


Track 3) Old school drum solo followed by a drum & bass jam followed by a drum, bass, and keyboard jam, then joined by the lead guitar for the last 2 minutes. I miss this type of music

Track 4) Probably the only place in the vault to have a true jazz session jam

Track 7) Spoken introduction of a profound summation of mankind before the song starts
#1Voyaging Pilgrim
#2Walking Over The Hill
#3Wouldn't It Be A Drag
#4Jazz Jam (Part 1)
#5The King of Kings
#6The King is Christ
#7Change of Heart
#8You Reap What You Sow
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