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Gospel Hard Rock by Agape

"Jesus rock at its crustiest" wrote Paul Baker in his book Contemporary Christian Music describing California's hard- rocking Agape. Hendrix fans should take note here as the style is very similar, from the music right down to Fred Caban's vocals. Mostly blues rock - the high-quality turn-of-the-decade FM radio kind. Not just a three-chord bash - these songs have mood and texture to them. You'll find quiet understated passages here as well as the hard-driving guitar solos. Atmosphere, too, as on the eerie 'Rejoice' which narrates tribulation prophesies against a panoply of guitar-induced missiles, earthquakes, and whatnot. Slow blues rockers ala Clapton ('Choose' and 'Blind') and fast ones ('Happy'). 'Freedom' supplies the token psych number, featuring layers of effect-laden guitars darting in and out like hornets over a constant throbbing two-note bass beat, marching snare drums, and Fred singing a hymn in a different key. Weird! Cover is an abstract image of the face of Christ - reportedly a photograph of a natural image of melting snow against a black background.


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