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Triumphant Return by Whitecross

1989 Pure Metal Records, later re-issued on Star Song


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Behold ()

So many choices for a man to make,
So many ways that he can go,
But all the kingdoms in a thousand worlds,
Could not replace the pease I know.

The things of earth can never satisfy
The hunger deep in me.

Behold the Lamb of God,
Reaching out His nail-scarred hand.
He wants to lift you up,
Give you strength so you can stand.

It's only natural for a man to dream,
To reach for stars above himself.
My life was cluttered with shattered dreams,
Before I learned to seek your will.

You are the rain that falls on thirsty ground
And the light that opens windows in my soul.

Copyright 1989 Whitecross

#1 Attention Please
#2 Red Light
#3 Straight Thru The Heart
#4 Down
#5 Behold
#6 Shakedown
#7Flashpoint (Guitar Solo)
#8 Simple Man
#9 Over The Top
#10 Heaven's Calling Tonight
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