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Triumphant Return by Whitecross

1989 Pure Metal Records, later re-issued on Star Song


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Heaven's Calling Tonight ()

I hear the sound of a trumpet,
I can see the Glory of God.
The tears have been dried from my eyes,
Feel warm in the presence of love.

Children march as they lead us down streets of gold.
Everlasting peace within us,
The face of the Lord we will ever behold.

Heaven's calling tonight!
Now won't you turn from darkness to light.
Heaven's calling tonight!

I know my worries are over,
From now on my Jesus will reign.
Old things are gone forever, my friend.
A crown of life is what I've gained.

I see a king on a white horse riding with power untold.
The Lord God will be our leader.
The Lamb that was slain, forever sits on a throne.

Can you hear it? Can you see it?
Children singing songs of great joy,
Forever with Jesus,
Hand in hand, each girl and boy.

Copyright 1989 Whitecross

#1 Attention Please
#2 Red Light
#3 Straight Thru The Heart
#4 Down
#5 Behold
#6 Shakedown
#7Flashpoint (Guitar Solo)
#8 Simple Man
#9 Over The Top
#10 Heaven's Calling Tonight
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