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Triumphant Return by Whitecross

1989 Pure Metal Records, later re-issued on Star Song


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Attention Please ()

Hey all you people, stand up and join me,
Gimme a listen, I've got something for you.

We have a reason to get excited.
His name is Jesus, He knows all about you.

It's time to wake up, shake up!
He's calling out, your attention please.
He wants it now, your attnetion please, please!

Your head is spinnin', so many questions.
Wonder what's missin', could it be true?

There is an answer and if you seek Him,
You will find Him.
He will make all things new!

It's time to learn the right way,
The straight way!

Do you hear him callin' you?
It's time to make your move!

You're always thinkin' nobody loves you.
You're left alone and there's no one to call.

Can't find a reason to keep on livin'.
Your hands are tied up,
You're nailed to the wall.

Copyright 1989 Whitecross

#1 Attention Please
#2 Red Light
#3 Straight Thru The Heart
#4 Down
#5 Behold
#6 Shakedown
#7Flashpoint (Guitar Solo)
#8 Simple Man
#9 Over The Top
#10 Heaven's Calling Tonight
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