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Triumph Of Mercy by Mortification

Rowe UPC: 026297604622
Rowe SPCN: 7-5126-9834-8

There are 3 Versions of this cd. Front Cover art is identical on all 3 releases. Metal Blade and Rowe versions have identical back covers as well. Differences listed below.

Rowe Productions (ROWE 023) - Black Disc with Silver etching NO album title on the disc

Metal Blade - Has the Title on the disc.

Radiation/Nuclear Blast - Completly different back cover layout, booklet layout and has black disc with blue etching.

This is the album Mortification recorded after Steve Rowe's recovery from Leukemia. The title track and "Visited By An Angel" are both about different aspects of Steve's condition, treatment, and recovery, and about how God worked in that situation.

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