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In the Kingdom by Whitecross

Star Song release: SSD8183
UPC: 054438818324

Whitecross is:
Rex Carroll - Guitars/Vocals
Scott Wenzel - Lead Vocals
Burth Dillon - Bass/Vocals
Mike Feighan - Drums/Vocals

Musical Support:
Bass: Rick Cua
Drums: Mike Mead
Percussion: Richard Trelease
Keyboards: Chris Cameron
BGV's: Glenn Kauser, Rey Perra, Steve Watkins, Butch Dillon, Mike Feighan, Scott Wenzel, Rex Carroll, Vicky Hubly, Linda Clifford, Dez Dickerson
Rap on "Holy War": Alton Hood of D.O.C.

Rick Cua appears courtesty of Reunion Records
Mike Mead appears courtesy of MCA Records

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Simon Hanhart
Executive Producer: Dez Dickerson
Recorded at Jor-Dan Studio, Wheaton, IL
2nd engineer: Glenn West
Mixed at 16th Avenue Sound, Nashville, TN
2nd engineer: Graham Lewis
Mastered at Georgetown Masters, Nashville, TN
Mastering engineer: Denny Purcell
Editing engineer: Carlos Grier

Creative & Photo Direction: Toni Thigpen
Design & Layout: Jeff Spencer
Photography: Russ Harrington
Make-up: Michael Tyler

PGM Management/Gavin Morkel

Star Song

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Tell Me The Time (4:28)

Went walkin', people were a gawkin'
Saw him like many times before
He was dirty, a little topsy turvey
No one cared about the burden he bore

I was thinkin', man this dude's been drinkin'
Could he even hear what I had to say
My nerves a jumpin', heart started pumpin'
As he looked up I started to pray

O dear Lord please give me wisdom and help me to be led
He walked up to me, looked right at me, and this is what he said

Say, can you tell me the time
Time to be leavin'
Hey, can you tell me the time
It's time for you to see
Say, won't you tell me the time
Time to be receivin'
Hey there, looky here, I'll make it clear
If you listen, I'll tell you the time

Well, I told 'em the lies the devil sold him
Would only bring more pain to his heart
There was Someone I knew he could rely on
To help give his life a brand new start

And all the burdens that he had always carried
Could be buried by Calvary's love
The price was paid there, but no He didn't stay there
He conquered death so we could join Him above

Dear Lord won't ya please forgive me, I led him as he prayed
And from now on he will be ready for that rapture day

Now he can tell you the time
And now he is believin'
Hey he can tell you the time
His blinded eyes can see
Oh he can tell you the time
The time he did receive Him

No more Mr. Poor, brand new score
When he prayed, he opened the door

And now he turns to you
And in him there are changes
He knows just what to do
He knows a lot of funny strangers
And all the love he's found
Puts an end to eternal danger
He's tellin' you the time is now
Check out this guitar sound

Say, can you tell 'em the time
Hey, can you tell 'em the time
Won't you tell 'em the time

Don't ya pout, never doubt, check it out
Tell 'em what it's all about

Say, can you tell me the time
Time to be leavin'
Hey, can you tell me the time
It's time for you to see
Say, won't you tell me the time
Time to be receivin'
Hey there, looky here, I made it clear
They'll listen so tell 'em the time

Copyright 1991 Whitecross

#1 No Second Chances4:43
#2 We Know What's Right6:05
#3 In The Kingdom5:19
#4 In His Hands3:36
#5 Good Enough3:58
#6 Love Is Our Weapon4:40
#7The Eternal Fire (Guitar Solo)2:00
#8 You Will Find It There6:00
#9 If He Goes Before Me4:12
#10 Tell Me The Time4:28
#11 Holy War5:54
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