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2.0: Electrolux by Xenuphobe

This is the instrumental collaboration between Ty Tabor (King's X) and Wally Farkas (Galactic Cowboys). Their sophomore release is titled, "Electrolux: 2.0". It is very different from "1.0" in that the band used mostly electric guitars for all of the sounds (other than nature and rhythmic sounds). The electric sounds are varied, ranging from completely over-the-top to beautiful. Xenuphobe traveled to some pretty remote locations in order to capture some awesome, natural sounds. "Electrolux: 2.0" also features a guest appearance by the one and only Eddie Hash.


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#1Birth of a New System
#2Four Billion Years
#4The Likeness of Where You've Been
#5A: Dawning of Knowing
#6B: Twilight Time at the Place of Being
#7Expiration of Sound
#8A: Sound Hole
#9B: The Gallant Fall from Sound
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