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Taken From Darkness by Hilastherion

Maanalainen Levikauppa release: ML 009
UPC: 06430028620098

Anders Olin's notes
"When I wrote these songs I wanted two things", Anders Olin, the main composer, tells, "I wanted to write songs you can relate to and also songs that will provide hope in times of utter darkness". He has worked for years with youth and the last three years he has dedicated his life to those living in poverty and that has reflected his lyrics. "I see how people suffer and even worse how we - who should be the light of the world - seem to ignore them", he says and continues, "It's like we're getting more selfish by time and I think that is the main reason why the church isn't attractive anymore, because we have stopped doing what Jesus wanted us to do: Love each other in words and deeds"

Produced by: Niclas Buss
Recorded during May 2006 - January 2007 at Niclas' ministudio, Finland
Mixed by Torbj�rn Weinesj� at Room of Doom, Sollentuna, Sweden
Mastered by Sami "Hannu" Koivisto in March 2007 at Midas Studios, Karper�, Finland

Guest Musicians:

Additional vocals on "Story Of John":
Emil Stenros, growls
Simon Granlund, clean vocals

Drums on all songs: Jani Stefanovic
Bass on "A Sinner's Song Of Desperation" : Egon Veevo

Randall Barres - spoken parts on "Taken From Darkness" and "Judgement Day"

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