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Horror and Sadness by Grave Forsaken

This is the first ever single to be released on Rowe Productions, as well as the band's first.

Horror and Sadness is also the first recording done with their new producer.

Horror and Sadness provides an excellent example of the new and much improved sound of Grave Forsaken. Featuring all four members on a vocals part (with Tim doing the verses), enough guitar solos to satisfy even the most solo hungry power metal fan, a dark atmosphere full of emotion and their trademark Aussie sound.

The band also included a further 4 tracks as bonus material. They were not recorded and produced professionally, but rather are a collection of "studio demos" and a live track. Keep in mind that on their debut album, Harder To Hate was a studio demo.

The real selling point though is that on the track Light The Hall, FireStream's very own IronGuardian was asked to do backing vocals. He will get very upset and maybe even cry if you don't get this single and tell him how wonderful he is.

ROWE 045


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#1Horror and Sadness (single version)6:48
#2Buried Alive 5:14
#3Light The Hall (studio demo)2:56
#4Temple of the Blessed (studio demo)1:46
#5The North Wind (Live 3rd Dec '06)5:23
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