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Pick It Up by Hokus Pick

VIA release: D6008
UPC: 026297600822

producer Paul Milner + HPM
executive provudction Marc, Edward, Zory + Rick Colhoun
engineering/mixing Paul Milner + Rick Colhoun
assistance Rod Shupenia
additional engineering Rod Shupenia
additional assistance Travis "James" Brown
recorded + mixed Entirely Amidst An Array Of Practical Jones At Vancouver Studios
editing Roger Monk on the AMS Audiofile at Dick + Rogers
mastering Hank Williams at Mastermix, Nashville, TN
additional musicians
Sax - Gordon Stokes
Trombone - Blair Dewan
Bagpipes - Leah Weisgerber
gang vocals - Travis Brown, Dave Noble, Mike Oshiro, Mike Pruner, Rod Shupenia
Sofa Logic Extended Mix - editing Rod Shupenia on the SSL Screen Sound - rap by B. Classy Brad Strelau of Rhythm and News
Brad Strelau appears Because He Wanted To!
art direction/design Nancy S. Yeasting
additional photography Mark Stofer
all songs written by HPM except I.B.I.J.I.T.O.F.W. by HPM + Herb White
copyright 1991 HPM Music
Sleeve design and photography by Nancy S Yeasting

Re-released in 1995 by VIA Records. The drum groove in "Sofa Logic (Extended Remix)" sounds like the drum groove in the EMF hit "Unbelievable" and there are guitar samples from other early 90's dance songs. The VIA re-issue contains 3 additional bonus tracks:

"Society Says" (5:01)
"Time" (3:36)
"November" (4:29)


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#1Test Record 0:18
#2Sky Starts Falling 3:08
#3I.B.I.J.I.T.O.F.W. 2:27
#4Two Answers 4:15
#5Face In the Rain 3:13
#6Until the Time 6:19
#7Turn Around In Circles 2:27
#8Sofa Logic 4:19
#9Love And Co. 2:37
#10Will She Ever See 4:17
#11Simple Song 2:03
#12I.G.Y.F.T.C.H. 3:34
#13Sofa Logic (Extended Remix) 5:12
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