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Witch Hunt by Templar

Templar is a guitar-driven darkwave metal project of Western Australian band Paradoxx, finally manifesting their musical ideas deemed unsuitable to Paradoxx's dark nu-electro sound.

1. Witch Hunt
2. Misery
3. Leper
4. Cyclops
5. Minstrel
6. Witch Hunt [Black Plague Mix]


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Aug 12, 2014 09:16:48 PM
I will overlook the provocatively disturbing artwork.

Excellent metal and a pretty cool voice. EZ Gomer always sounds cool.
Track 2 'Misery' could be a song about the agony that the devil gives us.
Track 3 'Leper' is about the faith behind touching the healer's robe.
Track 4 'Cyclops' is about the feeling of being looked down upon.
Track 5 is mostly acoustic
Track 1 & 6 (title tracks) check my comments about these songs found under their 'Preaching' album. Track 6 is a little different, the vocals take on a doomy feel like that of Eric Wagner (Trouble).

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