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Die Happy by Die Happy

Intense Records

Initial orders for this CD came with a yellow Die Happy bandanna.


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fishingd je_ggg

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Mar 10, 2014 12:17:33 PM
Sound is like "old-school" band

Real (5:11)

I can't believe with my own two eyes
What I happened to see that night
A twisted person with money to burn
And an easy woman with a lot to learn

He said
"Hey Baby, watcha doin' tonight"
She said
"Anything you want from me
if the price is right
Oh, if the price is right"
What kid of person has a price?

It takes no conviction
To be walking on the streets
But it's a great decision
If you want to get H.I.V.

I've seen the sin of ages
Come to its demise
Sexual perversion has been
Cut down to size
So many diseases have come to pass
But I've got this feeling
That this one will last

It takes a little magic to make it real

Copyright 1992 Die Happy

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