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Garden Of Chaos (Japan) by Rob Rock

Released with different cover art by Victor Entertainment in Japan.


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Ode to Alexander (3:19)

One breath of life
I will never be the same
With your open eyes
Everything Iíve known has changed

Lying beside you now Iím lost in a dream
All of my past has faded now that you breathe

Tiny miracle
Youíre depending upon me
My gift from above
Your innocence so sweet

With every new day dawning, the joy it will bring
With every step take now, a new world opens
- Alexander

Copyright 2007 Rob Rock

#1Garden of Chaos3:49
#2Satan's Playground4:37
#3Savior's Call3:46
#4This Time is the Last Time4:46
#5Only a Matter of Time4:24
#6Spirit in the Sky4:07
#7Metal Breed3:58
#8Millennial Reign4:30
#10Ride the Wind3:52
#11Ode to Alexander3:19
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