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Circle of Dust (re-release) by Circle of Dust

R.E.X. release: REX46011-2
UPC: 09260601127 or 0208311462266 (CRC)

Re-release of the 1992 debut, with new tracks replacing some of the older ones. All songs taken from the debut were completely re-recorded for this release due to Scott Albert's dissatisfaction with the way the original recordings turned out. From the inner sleeve:

"Seven of the songs on this album originally appeared in different forms on the first CIRCLE OF DUST release in 1992. Due to more factors than I'd care to name, I wasn't satisfied with that first release. Some tow-plus years later I was given the opportunity to rework & re-record the songs I thought were still relevant. These, along with a few new songs, comprise what I consider to be my first album. Confused? So am I." Scott

Hidden song "Bed of Nails" begins at 3:59 of track 10 after roughly 20 seconds of silence.


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Aug 7, 2014 10:28:59 PM
Generally recognized as the pinnacle for Christian industrial. Not the hardest but overall a nice package of coherent vocals, mesmerizing music, and make-u-think lyrics. Check the lyrics to 'Dissolved'

your wealth (your pride)
dissolved (in time)
reduced (to dust)
your worthless treasures rust

Christian lyrics heard elsewhere in this great album too.
#3Self Inflict
#4Rational Lies
#6Twisted Reality
#9Nothing Sacred
#11Bed Of Nails
has lyrics

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