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The Everglow Special Edition by Mae

In February 2003, Virginia Beach, Virginia introduced the world to the charming quintet collectively known as Mae. Over two years of non-stop touring later, Mae released �The Everglow� in March of 2005 to both critical and fan acclaim. Not only was �The Everglow� an instant success with audiences, but their live show proved their talent moved even past just writing alluring hits. Now, one year and over 130,000 scans of �The Everglow� later, Mae are poised to release �The Everglow� SPECIAL EDITION on April 18th. Featuring three bonus tracks, new and re-conceptualized artwork, plus a bonus DVD with 2 hours of behind-the-scenes, videos, and live footage, the SPECIAL EDITION will not only give die-hard fans an amazing first-hand look into the band, but also further expose the world to the brilliance that is Mae.


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#1We're So Far Away
#2Someone Else's Arms
#4This Is The Countdown
#6The Ocean
#8Mistakes We Knew We Were Making
#9Cover Me
#10The Everglow
#11Ready and Waiting To Fall
#13The Sun and The Moon
#14Where The Falls Begin (Bonus Track)
#15A Day In The Life (Bonus Track)
#16Suspension featuring Kenny Vasoli (demo) (Bonus Track)
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