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Destination: B-Sides by Mae

In February 2003, Norfolk, Virginia introduced the world to the charming quintet collectively known as Mae. Not only was their debut album, "Destination: Beautiful" an instant success with audiences, but their live show proved their talent moved even past just writing alluring hits. Now, after nearly two years of non-stop touring, Mae are gearing to release, "Destination: B-Sides," their first recorded project since the release of "Destination: Beautiful." With 10 tracks of new and unreleased songs, live recordings, and even acoustic takes on old favorites, the album gives an inside look at the band's beginnings, as well as their transformation to the future.


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#1This Time Is The Last Time (Wave Remix)
#3Sun (Acoustic)
#4Tisbury Lane
#6Futuro (Live)
#7Sun (Live)
#8This Time Is The Last Time (Live)
#9Giving It Away (Acoustic)
#10Goodbye, Goodnight (S.M. Remix)
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