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Saint Collection 1984-1999 by Saint

2003 Armor Records

Double cd reissue of ALL 4 Saint albums in their entirety!


Disc One:
Warriors of the Son - 1984:
Plan 2
Legions of the Dead
Warriors of the Son
Vicars of Fate
Time's Wasting
Times End - 1986:
In the Night
Island Prisoner
Space Cruzer
Through You
Time's End
Primed and Ready
Phantom of the Galaxy
Steel Killer

Disc Two:
Too Late For Living - 1989:
Too Late For Living
Star Pilot
The Rock
On the Street
The Return
The Path
Through the Sky
The War is Over
The Perfect Life - 1999:
The Runner
Raise Your Hands
Show His Love
Too Live Forever
The Perfect Life


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MikeInFla oldschooldoom

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Feb 3, 2014 09:50:08 PM
The first 4 albums on 2 CD's. A nice collection, I believe this is no longer in print. The first 3 albums have been remastered and reissued by Retroactive Records and are still available as of Feb 2014.
Aug 16, 2014 06:22:33 PM
One stop shopping for Saint's beginnings. Love the world class drumming. Guitar solos in most songs, usually in the last half.

My only complaint, the second half of disc 2=The Perfect Life. While I enjoyed this album on it's own, it just does not fit in with the previous 3 albums. In my opinion, it should have been replaced with 'Basement Tapes' or 'Demo 1981' or some of the other Gentiles demos.
#1Plan 2
#2Legions of the Dead
#4Warriors of the Son
#5Vicars of Fate
#6Time's Wasting
#7In the Night
#8Island Prisoner
#9Space Cruzer
#10Through You
#11Time's End
#12Primed and Ready
#14Phantom of the Galaxy
#15Steel Killer
#16Too Late For Living
#17Star Pilot
#19The Rock
#20On the Street
#21The Return
#22The Path
#23Through the Sky
#24The War is Over
#25The Runner
#26Raise Your Hands
#27Show His Love
#28Too Live Forever
#29The Perfect Life
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