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Fight For Your Life (reissue) by Valor

(Please note, this is a VALOR - FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE release. The extra Golgatha material makes up a bonus album for added historical and commercial value.)

Make no mistake. These two bands made significant contributions to the underground metal scene in the early and mid 80's. Both bands played powerful melodic metal. Both were from California, and they even shared bassist Adam Alvarez. Neither band ever signed to a record label.

Originally released in 1988, Valor's album, "Fight For Your Life" is a hot collectible in the vinyl scene. It's not unusual for mint copies of the nine song album to sell for $200-$300 on E-bay and in Europe. Valor's appeal comes from their metal look and precise playing. Obviously masters of their instruments, the band formulates a strong metal sound influenced by early Slayer, Exodus, and Metallica.

In 1985, Golgotha released a powerful demo that took the underground metal scene by storm. "Prisoner" provided four songs that proved the band not only had the chops, but also strong songs that made them favorites in the underground metal scene. The "Prisoner" demo showcases good production and leaves fans wanting more powerful metal in the vein of Iron Maiden. That's why we have added another four songs of Live Golgotha material, filling the CD out to almost 80 minutes.


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#2The Flesh Is Weak
#3Fight for Your Life
#4The Empty Tomb
#5Didn't I
#6It's Not Too Late
#7Accept Him
#10Prisoner (Golgotha - Bonus track)
#11Cry of the Heathen (Golgotha - Bonus track)
#12Follow Me (Golgotha - Bonus track)
#13At the Foot of the Cross (Golgotha - Bonus track)
#14Living on the Edge of the Night *live* (Golgotha - Bonus track)
#15Cry of the Heathen *live* (Golgotha - Bonus track)
#16The Mark / Day of the Lord *live* (Golgotha - Bonus track)
#17Turn or Burn *live* (Golgotha - Bonus track)
#18Runner *live* (Golgotha - Bonus track)
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