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Redemption by Thyne Scabbard


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Lies, Lust and Redemption (2:35)

My eyes were opened wide that night
when I tasted the apple's poison.
This rotten fruit this fruit of the dead
was never like the serpent said.
Lifeless, callous, defeated
lay with her inside the coffin.
As my heart is screaming from within.

To become what they are and see with their eyes.
Taste the things they taste,
That precious gift is gone forever.
Take on all regret the things you cannot forget.
Welcome sin and death.

Seeds of lust have opened the door,
The appetite is growing.
Perversions scream in the shadows
of the seeds that I've been sewing.
Seduction is all I see,
this temptation's too much for me.
I am now embraced by her robes of shame.

As the maggots devour my skin with the old man's carrion flesh.
Who can save me from this wretched corpse hanging on my back.

Only you lift me from the flames,
Watch the world crumble behind me.
pierce the vail of darkness when the sinners repent in the name of Jesus.

Yesterday is crucified on your cross,
I see my sins melt away melt away.
Goodbye sweet demoness of lust and the shame you brought to me.

Lies, Lust, Redemption, Trust. x2

Return to me oh spotless purity.
Walk away from the emptiness,
the hollow corpses and disgusting darkness.
Tie yourself to the truth no longer bound by passing lovers.
Wait for him my sweet sister in the confines of his holy promise.
Love has bound us together,
May his blood soak our rings of silver.
Washed clean like the snow is white,
This time I will do it right.

Copyright 2006 Thyne Scabbard

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