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Redemption by Thyne Scabbard


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Reaching Out With Broken Fingers (5:09)

I'm reaching out with broken fingers, to the things I cannot have.
You are so close but I cant see you, I miss you so much I might go mad.
I'm reaching out with broken fingers, to the children who hold my heart.
I want to say that I love you, and wish you were both in my arms.

Its not the end.

I took for granted all the times we had,
when I could have held you close anytime I wanted.
I cant live without you, I cant live my life, without your hands in mine
I might just die. With out you here beside me I feel my soul might die.
Alone my heart in screaming to see your precious eyes.

The precious hands of my children come back to me.
Without your presence I am dying come back to me.

I cant live without you.

Through this fight I will not surrender, until your hands are held in mine.
Your innocence and safety will be first, Ill never jeopardize your lives.
Ill be here fighting for you until I die, There's nothing I wont stand up too.
It brings me joy when I look into your eyes, The best gift Ill ever have is you.

Copyright 2006 Thyne Scabbard

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