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Redemption by Thyne Scabbard


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The King of Abandon (3:20)

In Selfishness I am the king of abandon.
While your still standing on the horizon.
Waiting with patience for my return,
Tears soak your robe for the lessons I must learn.
Take the money and run, Take the money and run.

Blindness from the warmth of the dawn,
Brittle bone are crushed to dust.
Suffocated and lulled to sleep
With loneliness im left to weep
they took it all as I gave it away
living inside their mistakes
Id Rather be a slave in your house,
no longer fit to be called your son.

Bedridden with sickness,
confined in worlds of weakness.
Immobilized by disease,
Withered from starving with nothing to eat.
Depression the rope im hanging,
torn out insides, wounds still bleeding.
tumors burst fourth from within,
Im the leper with burning skin.

As the world tears my flesh away,
Strength has failed me.(WEAK AND DYING).
False sense of security,
They all turned against me.(CURSED ARE THESE DAYS).
Drank my fill of insurrection,
scour the land from my distractions.(DEBAUCHERY)
Blindfolds and nothing more,
Plagues and famines were my reward.

Father how can you love the disobedient son who turned his face from you.
All his possessions were squandered away, while I was here working like a
I never left your side, the warmth of your embrace.
How can you forget my diligence? and your heart I will always chase.

Son I'll never forget your loyalty, everything I have is yours,
But your brother has returned from the dead.
Say goodbye to jealousy's hatred. x2

Forgiven son rest here with me now and forever.

Copyright 2006 Thyne Scabbard

#1Enter Thyne Realm1:08
#2The King of Abandon3:20
#3Hordes of The Shadow4:44
#4Unwaking Hour5:00
#5The Decapitation of Fallen Angels7:48
#6A Demon Bloodbath3:41
#7Reaching Out With Broken Fingers5:09
#8Lies, Lust and Redemption2:35
#9To Those Who Cursed Me5:58
#10Bleeding Hearts of Torment6:04
#11Spy Hunter5:12
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