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Redemption by Thyne Scabbard


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Spy Hunter (5:12)

I felt a call from the midnight light,
I have been called to end a life.

October 5th 1965 you'll have to fight to stay alive.
A price was set on your head this night,
It's now my job to make you die.

This is the night that you shall die,
The evening that you fall.
My sights are set and your loosing time,
Your life's in my hands now.

Only faces no names I dont get involed,
Slide the briefcase across the table.
Half up front, Half when Im done.
I'll bring the head of the hunted.

A bullet whispers across the room,
You taste the blood from the exit wound.
Im the man sent to destroy you.
Im the assassin That stands behind you
I have the face you will never see.

The contract is over as I step from the shadows
Your eyes still wide with my gun still smoking (As you hit the floor)
I set my piece down to shut your eyes
But someone's coming the doorknob turns
So pick it up
Out the window I make my escape
Down the wall and through the alleyway
A car awaits so I can get away
I'll slip through the night and you will never find me.

Screams of the dead still echo in my head,
Is this the life I was meant to live. X2

The crys of the dead I will never ever forget. X2
I Will never forget.

Copyright 2006 Thyne Scabbard

#1Enter Thyne Realm1:08
#2The King of Abandon3:20
#3Hordes of The Shadow4:44
#4Unwaking Hour5:00
#5The Decapitation of Fallen Angels7:48
#6A Demon Bloodbath3:41
#7Reaching Out With Broken Fingers5:09
#8Lies, Lust and Redemption2:35
#9To Those Who Cursed Me5:58
#10Bleeding Hearts of Torment6:04
#11Spy Hunter5:12
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