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Redemption by Thyne Scabbard


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Bleeding Hearts of Torment (6:04)

The Hatred, The Lies will all be buried
The Hatred, The Lies will all be burning x2
All the hatred inside of me just makes me sick it shall be buried
All the lies inside of me just makes me sick it shall be buried
This growing torment inside of me, are the laughs of demons taunting me.
In my screams I cry out to the living God, Who's grace surrounds me so I am never lost
This growing power held over me is my reigning father protecting me.
Through all that life has to give, your with me through thick and through thin.
I smile to receive your grace, I'm longing to see your face.
My confession of my selfish ways brings forgiveness now I'm set free.

Bring on the pain rise up it's bleeding time again,
cast out this hate one spark will ignite the flame
burning to salvation one sword one king will reign
this is Armageddon one sword one king will reign.
The battle that we must fight
This is a struggle that will end tonight. x2

Your grace will always be with me
Forever through eternity. x2

Bring on the pain its time for this fight to end
The sting of sin is what we fight against.
Showing no mercy to the ones attacking me. x2

Were set free from this suicide. x2

Copyright 2006 Thyne Scabbard

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#10Bleeding Hearts of Torment6:04
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